Transform Through Conscious Parenting

Unlock the Power of Conscious Parenting in Just 7 Weeks: A Transformational Journey for Parents to Gain Wisdom, Release Emotional Struggles, and Ignite Creativity for a Deep and Meaningful Relationship with Your Child

Transform Through Conscious Parenting

Unlock the Power of Conscious Parenting in Just 7 Weeks: A Transformational Journey for Parents to Gain Wisdom, Release Emotional Struggles, and Ignite Creativity for a Deep and Meaningful Relationship with Your Child


Navigating a demanding career while feeling the relentless tug of family responsibilities has been my reality. I've found myself flying between countries to care for my parents, grappling with an unrelenting work schedule, and desperately trying to be present for my child. These pressures left me feeling drained and emotionally isolated. A breaking point arrived when I lost my father and job and found myself teetering on the brink of divorce. I felt helpless, desperate, and overwhelmed. Cornered by these tragedies, I was compelled to pause, reflect, and confront some painful truths. It was a period of difficult learning about the disconnect between my personal growth theories and their application to family life.

I tried lots of different things, some worked, and others failed. Coaching, transformational programs, and lots of research and reading. Eventually, I discovered the right combination of tools that worked for me. This was a long process. It took me years. This wasn't an easy or swift realization, but it fundamentally altered my life and relationships with my son and family. My life now is different beyond belief. If only I knew then what I know now. I would have been a very different person and parent. My relationship with my child is now amazing, and I want that for others. Drawing from my 10 years of life coaching experience, 15 years in full-time management, and 8 years of parenting, I've crafted a program to support others on this complex journey. It's not about a quick fix; it's about sharing the wisdom I've gathered to assist you in navigating your unique path.

ho It Is For?

This program is for:

  • Working mothers in a stressed working environment searching for effective parenting skills.

  • Mid-age mothers who believe in personal growth, are searching for self-transformation but may be lost in parenting battles and daily life routines.

  • Mothers who set high standards for both themselves and their children, who often lose temper which may put their relationship with their children at risk.

ho It Is Not For?

This program is not for:

  • Mothers who are not ready to do the work required to make a difference.  

  • Mothers who are not ready to invest in their relationship with their children.

  • Mothers who want someone to fix problems for them.


Assess Parenting Styles and Needs


  • Uncover both your own expectations and those you have for your child.

  • Gain awareness of how expectations, coupled with anxiety and fear, can drive conflict.

  • Understand diverse viewpoints on parenting.


Sometimes, we can find ourselves entangled in parenting challenges.  In this module, we will explore parenting expectations and understand how they show up in our every parenting decision so you can get free from feeling trapped, illuminate any uncertainties, and open up the necessary space for wisdom to enter.


Reflective Pause 


  • Learn how to experience the present moment.  

  • Gain new insight about how being present will help you and your child. 

  • Understand the value of active listening.


Being present with our children, without distraction, is becoming more difficult with the technological age that we live in. In this module, we will explore the topics of active listening and being present so that you can start to develop the skills to engage with your child fully.


Explore Alternative


  • Explore different communication tools.

  • Expand your listening skills.

  • Understand how to recognize and affirm your child's feelings.


Many of us have grown up with ways of communicating that have been passed down the generations. In this module, we will delve into some different powerful ways of communicating that you may not be familiar with, so you can help your child to listen and speak up. 


Belief Exploration 2.0


  • Discover the deeper layer of your emotional reaction. 

  • Self-assess your reactions and responses to unwanted behaviors. 

  • Create your emotional toolkit.


There are so many different ideas and rules about parenting, it is no wonder that we can get confused, and perhaps even give up.

In this module, we will start to put together your very own toolkit to help you deal with the inevitable bumps in the parenting road, so you can build your confidence and skills as the parent you want to be.


Energy Management


  • Gain clarity on how you distribute your energy throughout the day.

  • Identify your draining and charging activities. 

  • Craft a plan to improve your energy level and bonding opportunities by 1.5x.


Batteries need charging regularly, and so do we, however, many of us wait until we are completely depleted and just fall into bed. In this module, we will explore how you can use your energy in the most effective way possible to provide the necessary attention in all areas of your life, including with your child.


Effective Parenting


  • Understand the value of games in developing a strong bond with your child.

  • Discover some fun developmental tools to use with your child.

  • Embrace this new way of communicating with your child.


Finding ways to bond with our children that are fun, engaging, and effective, can be a challenge. In this module, we will put more tools into your toolkit to help you grow your relationship with your child.


Sustainable Growth with your child


  • Gain clarity on how to continue this journey.

  • Craft a plan that works for you and how you see your parenting journey shifting.

  • Establish a supporting system for your ongoing evolution


This program is not the end. The journey doesn’t stop here. This is a launch pad. 

In this module, we will ensure you have all the additional tools you need to continue the amazing progress you have made and take your relationship with your child to new heights.

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